About Us

Volunteering in community works made me understand how poor knowledge we have about laws as common people. We are as clueless as a preschooler when it comes to laws that govern our society. Although we live as law abiding citizens, we don’t know how some laws can empower us and some can put us in trouble if we are not cautious.

I believe in spreading the knowledge for greater good. Hence the blog! You will see many posts relating to various laws of Australia in a very simple language so that you can understand them. I put up posts that specifically talk about crucial laws impacting our lives.

All the while when I was doing awareness programs on laws, I found that people are baffled why should they even bother about laws that don’t apply to them in their current situation. And they believed they don’t need to know any further when they are abiding the day-to-day laws! I agree with this argument to alittle extent but knowing theoverall functioning of laws and how they are interrelated, serve you better in the times of need. Although I don’t wish anyone to be in such situations, being informed is amuch better scenario in those cases. Don’t you agree?